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"Thank you, been a great process - I thought this would be a hassle to sell."

Hendry Engineering
Sold a Case IH on Spectinga

"We received the tractor in great condition and are happy with it. Look forward to doing business again."

Lyons & Burton
Bought a T6.180 on Spectinga

"Buying on Spectinga has allowed me to find machines that I normally wouldn't have found."

Bowland Tractors
Bought a T6030 on Spectinga

How it works

How it works

Sell on Spectinga

Register as a seller

Registering as a seller is fast & free. There are no fees to join, and you only pay a small fee when an item is successfully sold.

Profile your equipment

Upload details of the equipment you want to sell, and we'll get to work promoting it to the most relevant trade buyers.

Get offers

We'll help you quickly get offers from our trade network. All offers are from the trade, ensuring fast payment and a hassle-free process.

Buy on Spectinga

Register as a buyer

Request to join Spectinga as a buyer. We only allow traders, hire companies & dealers to buy on our platform so we'll need to vet your application.

Browse, bid & buy

Browse a large selection of used equipment with detailed photos and descriptions. Filter to find the perfect inventory, all at trade prices.

Trade safely & easily

We facilitate safe payment and are your single contractual partner. We also provide quality inspections on any equipment purchased.

Average time taken to sell equipment on Spectinga
3 days
With over 200 sellers active on the platform

Why Spectinga

Sell on Spectinga

Sell to the most relevant dealer

We work with a constantly growing list of trade buyers. By leveraging our network, you can find the perfect buyer for your machine.

Get offers on your equipment faster

Adding equipment for sale to Spectinga takes a few minutes and every listing has a set time-limit. Our buyers know each listing is time-sensitive, meaning their offers are made quickly.

Get offers on all brands & models

Our buying network includes buyers of every brand, model & type of tractor. We'll take you straight to the best buyers for your machine, with no effort required.

Buy on Spectinga

Exclusive access to stock

Our inventory isn't available on classifieds sites and is listed with a fast sale in mind. Source & buy inventory that you wouldn't normally find, at trade-only prices.

Fast & safe equipment sourcing

No more back-and-forth emails to try and price equipment. Quickly find the right machines and make offers in a click. Every offer is conditional on a quality inspection, ensuring safe & trustworthy purchasing.

Transparent & low-cost trading

No buying fees and one point of contact. We answer customer queries quickly and transparently. We can help you source new inventory with no additional investment in marketing.


Do you arrange transport?

All offers on machines are ex-yard, however we're happy to arrange transport on any machines and can quote for this separately. Contact us for more details.

What are the fees for buying & selling on Spectinga?

We have variable selling fees depending on the final sale price of an item. Contact us for more information.

How long does it take to sell equipment?

As a seller you can choose a time frame of between 1 day - 4 weeks, depending on how fast you need to gather offers.

Am I able to view machines in-person?

We offer our 3rd party quality inspections and video walk arounds as a way of checking machines. We can arrange in-person inspections in certain circumstances. Contact us for more details.

Who can buy and sell on Spectinga?

Buying on Spectinga is exclusively for used equipment dealers, hire companies and traders. Our sellers are franchise dealers, traders, private owners & hire companies.

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Hi. We are Michael and Bertie. We have built Spectinga to make trading equipment easier, safer & more profitable. Contact us if you have any questions.

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